Global Matrix Rules(unfinished)

these rules dictate if a person gets warned, IP banned, or reported to authorities
while individual rooms can have their own rules they will always have to abide by these, failure to comply with these rules will result in the adequate punishment

these rules will apply to accounts, chatrooms and screenshares hosted and distrubuted here.
they will also apply to private messages, however due to the private nature of True end to end encryption it is impossible for me to get access to the content, but suspicious accounts that show common pattern of illegal activity will get questioned and if it is believed that is very likely they are participating in illegal activity they will be banned, possibly ip banned, and if significant evidence found then reported to authorities.

Pornographic Content

Users may wish to engage with Pornographic Content, does allow pornographic Content to be hosted on the server only if they abide by these Rules:

1.All NSFW Content and interractions(roleplay) is only allowed on specific NSFW chats and private DMs with other 18+ users, users may create their own NSFW chat on the requirement that it has NSFW in the room ID(preferrably on the end), so for example the ID #sex: contrary to its name it will not be allowed to host Sexual content or Pornography but #sexNSFW will be allowed to do so

2.All NSFW Chats/Spaces are invite only and don't allow 17- Users to join or be in (Standard Procedure only requires to Ask if a User is 18+, please refrain from asking for the actual Age), if a user contradicted themselves in a previous Statement saying they are younger than 18 they are to be automatically not allowed in any 18+ chats, a System will be implemented in the Future to make this Process easier to maintain and Moderate

3.Absolutely no pornographic Content involving minors(Individuals under 18), this will include drawn Depictions of them, generally these will be determined with a few key Features

Content relating to Violence and Weapons

users may wish to participate in discussion and Content that include Weapons

1.Any Text discussion on Weapons is allowed unless it is about using them in order to inflict Harm onto other Groups and Persons

2.Content of Weapons being used on Entertainment is all allowed regardless on Target, meanwhile Real Footage has to always be used on Non-Live Targets

3.Any Content that Includes Bomb Schematics to produce will not be hosted here

4.Users may wish to Organize Protests using this Service, this will be accepted as long as the Protests themselves are peaceful(No Harm to Persons,No Collateral Damage), Note that this isnt limited to Protests

5.Proclaiming Violence Against Groups either Political or Permanent Identity is justification for a ban

Privacy of other Users holds Privacy important to its Purpose thus rules to Protect a users Privacy are important to be in Place, Doxxing is illegal, thus in more Extreme situations a Person has to be reported to Authorities, though in most they will be IP banned

1.A Chatroom/Space may NEVER Require/Request for Private Information in order to Join or participate further, Private Information includes and is not limited to Real Name/FamilyName, Phone-Number, Location, Age in Number(ask if a user is 18+ instead), Ethnicity, Country of Origin, Sex/Gender, Sexuality and Other Social Accounts, This rule will apply even if the Verification is not Actually needed, if it tricks the User into doing it, it will be Punished

2.A User may never be asked to verify using an external Service(application,website, bot)

3.Discussion about other Users is allowed, but mentioning PI is not allowed, Only the User themselves has the right to talk about their own PI, or if a user Expressly says that its okay for other Users on the Space/chat to mention it, followed by "La Li Lu Le Lo", users can later take it back by saying that they dont allow that PI be shared on the Space/Chat anymore followed by "La Li Lu Le Lo"

4.All Bots Have to be Open Source and Run on a Trusted HomeServer, if one is not found post it to and ask The GodFather( to host it, it will be checked,compiled and run by The GodFather

5.Active Bots that scan every message(Slur Deleting Bots for Example), voice and screenshare Will Require the Bot DM the User, Explain what they will do and What purpose, The user has to Agree with "La Li Lu Le Lo", a User Can Be Denied Write Permissions for not Agreeing to it

6.Passive Bots that will only scan the full message if a message starts with a symbol/Keyword or a ping dont need to ask for permission